Non-Opioid Pain Management in Lutz, FL

Effective Pain Management

Whether stemming from injury, disease or other factors, we understand the impact that acute or chronic pain has on our patients’ daily lives. Our goal is to get you back to living life as soon as possible while avoiding expensive and painful surgeries. 


The non-surgical treatments offered by Turning Point Wellness utilize FDA-approved allopathic and homeopathic injectables like hyaluronic acid, steroids and non-steroidal remedies. These cutting-edge treatments can relieve or eliminate pain and have been proven in many cases to restore the functions of the joints and surrounding muscles. Our patients see a significant improvement almost immediately with ongoing results.


We also offer topical creams and oils for patients who need immediate pain relief.

What Types of Pain Does Turning Point Wellness Treat?

Turning Point Wellness is well-versed in all types of pain management and can help you regardless of where your pain stems from; however, we specialize in the following:

  • Back pain: Occurs in the middle back (thoracic), lower back (lumbar) or coccydynia (tailbone or sacral) and has many causes, though ninety percent of people experience nonspecific acute back pain. 

  • Neck pain: Neck pain may arise due to joint disruption or muscular tightness in the neck and upper back or pinching of the nerves emanating from the cervical vertebrae. 


  • Knee pain: Knee pain can be attributed to many different causes, such as high-impact movements on the knee joints, weakened knee muscles and age progression. These factors cause higher friction with adjacent tissue and cartilage.


  • Shoulder pain: The shoulder is the most movable but unstable joint in the body because of its wide range of motion, which increases the likelihood of joint injury. Shoulder pain may be localized or referred to areas around the shoulder or down the arm.

What Services Does Turning Point Wellness Offer?

Every human body is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Instead, we work closely with you to design a customized treatment plan to alleviate your pain. Some of our most common therapies include:

Trigger Point Injections: Trigger points are muscle knots that can develop due to ​​muscle overuse, injury, poor posture, stress or underlying medical conditions. To alleviate this pain, we inject cortisone or homeopathic alternatives directly into the trigger point, which relaxes the spasming muscles. 


Knee Injections: Knee injections alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and improve joint function. We inject hyaluronic acid, a natural substance, into the knee to lubricate the knee joint, add a protective layer to the cartilage and soothe pain from osteoarthritis when the joint moves. 


Joint Injections: Joint injections are effective in decreasing pain and inflammation. To achieve this, we inject steroid and homeopathic anti-inflammatories directly into painful joints. 

Topical Creams and Oils: Neuropathy results from damaged nerves with varying symptoms that can include burning, stinging and numbness. Topical creams and oils can decrease patients’ pain, providing relief and the ability to manage their symptoms.

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Are you ready to take the next step toward managing your pain? Contact Turning Point Wellness today to set up an appointment with our talented team of specialists.